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Land Development

we are experts in making the best use of your land
We are always seeking the right partners to achieve the best results for parcels of land, large or small. Our experience in development and ready access to funding mean we can move quickly to agree terms.

Unlocking the potential of your land

We Are Always Looking for Land
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Land Development

Developing for the longer term
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The team have been very attentive and accommodating in allowing us to put our own stamp on the house from the start. We would definitely recommend Sweetcroft Homes as a developer of superlative quality.
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Unlocking development potential

We are constantly seeking land and opportunities for development projects.

Does My Land Have Potential?

If you think that your home, office or farm might be suitable for development we would be delighted to meet with you to explore and perhaps unlock the full potential of your property.

Why Work With
Sweetcroft Homes?

We have many years’ experience in dealing with the different scenarios and situations that can arise during the development process. We have a team of well-connected planning consultants and experts who understand the intricacies and local nuances of the planning process and have an excellent track record maximising the value of land in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire.

Opportunities for Development

We consider many kinds of land for development; what might seem like a difficult plot might just need a different approach to bring out the right solution. We are keen to speak with funds, agents, corporations, farmers and land owners.
We will look at any of the following:
Land with or without planning permission
Brownfield sites or previously developed land
Mixed use developments
Joint ventures and partnerships
Strategic land (see below)
If you would like to discuss the development potential of your land, please contact Glen Chapman, 
our Land and Sales Director on 07798 672155 or use our contact form.
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Strategic Land Development

Promoting land for development over the longer term.

Strategic Land

The term Strategic Land often refers to a greenfield site that has significant development potential for a number of reasons including proximity to transport links and infrastructure. High demand for housing in the area and closeness to local amenities can also play an important role. 

The Longer Journey

The development of Strategic Land can be a slow process that requires a great deal of research, and the agreement of and collaboration with local action groups, neighbourhood committees, residents associations, parish councils and local planning authorities. Our specialised and experienced team will work with these organisations to deliver a planning solution that meets the requirements of all those involved and delivers the best planning solution for the site and for the local community.
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